Space Segment

For nationwide coverage, including Alaska and Hawaii plus much of the Caribbean and Mexico, NPR Distribution Services offers unsurpassed technical expertise and reliability. Every NPRDS distribution agreement comes with the highest levels of personal attention and service to support you at every step.
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Space Segment

NPR Distribution Services offers partial transponder space segment from the prime orbital locations of 99 and 91 degrees west longitude. Our transmission footprint covers the entire US, and much of the Caribbean and Mexico. Through the combination of a favorable look angle and C-band service, we can provide reliable service to the most challenging geographical locations—even in inclement weather. Additionally, our transmissions can be non-preemptible and protected by our multi-tiered approach to system backup, if you elect that level of service.

Whether you’re looking to deliver programming to owned-and-operated stations, affiliates, translators, or regional and national networks, NPRDS has the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC)

Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) is a dependable satellite delivery system that was pioneered by NPR Distribution Services. SCPC includes many features such as audio, compressed video, and data capability as well as both digital and analog signals. Clients are able to uplink from anywhere in the US, providing greater flexibility, and manage the network from a single location. SCPC is advantageous because of the dedicated space segment a single channel provides.

A diagram of how SCPC works

Multiple Channels Per Carrier (MCPC)

Multiple Channels Per Carrier (MCPC) is a delivery technology that places multiple channels on a single satellite carrier. Clients who have MCPC networks can specify bandwidth they need, providing more flexibility for their programs and channels. Stations and networks that use MCPC also save money by using just one carrier rather than multiple receivers.

MCPC can further enhance your network through the use of "store/forward" technology. "Store/forward" technology saves audio, video, or data files at the centralized uplink until they are needed for use at a later time. The stored information is then automatically forwarded to the appropriate broadcasting location (or MCPC receiver).

A diagram of how MCPC works