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Everything you need to get your content up there and to meet your business objectives down here. NPRDS, your content delivery partners.

Space Segment

NPR Distribution Services offers transponder space segment from prime orbital locations of 99 and 91 degrees west longitude. Our transmission footprint covers the entire US, and much of the Caribbean and Mexico. Through the combination of a favorable look angle and C-band service, we can provide reliable service to the most challenging geographical locations—even in inclement weather. Additionally, our transmissions can be non-preemptible and protected by our multi-tiered approach to system backup, if you elect that level of service.

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Radio Network Distribution

The HUB @ NPRDS is a distribution service that allows networks to send programming to stations without the need or expense of operating a local head end. Enjoy all of the benefits of a fully staffed, 24/7 world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) without the costs, requirements, set-up, licenses, waiting periods and other necessities to distribute your programs.

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Uplink Services

NPR Distribution Services offers uplinking services to connect your content to a satellite on a temporary or full-time basis. More than 50 system and independent uplink sites are available across the country. Transmissions from the uplinks are monitored by our Network Operations Center (NOC) 24/7.

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Businesses, commercial radio and television programmers, broadcasters, and network operators all count on us for satellite systems and equipment that enable them to get up and running quickly.

No matter your equipment requirements, NPR Distribution Services can tailor a package that fits your broadcast needs. We offer quality digital receivers, audio, codecs, satellite modems and much more from premier manufacturers. If you have a specific equipment requirement, contact your NPRDS representative at 202.513.2626 or email linkup@npr.org for more information.

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